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With TreeHouse!

To close out the end of summer we are welcomed by a beloved Myrtle Beach Reggae Band, TreeHouse!

Jeremy Anderson is perhaps one of the most versatile musicians we have had on Creator Sessions. You get the acoustic guitar with a little bit of the saxophone, some beatboxing, a melodica, and even some looping. It’s almost hard to believe that he is the only one in the room. 

During this Creator Session Jeremy breaks down everything from the technical creation of his songs, instruments used, and the deeper meaning that drives the positivity in his writing. 

If there is one reason to watch this Session, it is because we are certain it will bring you a little joy. Here is what Jeremy says about their music... 

“TreeHouse! songs resonate in your soul with lyrics of rising above adversity, the power of gratitude, and the importance of unity. For every setback, there's a step up waiting for you if you keep your focus. For every day, there's a blessing to count and for every event, we must recognize we are a part of it all.”

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