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We're working on updating the schedule.
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About Creator Sessions

Welcome to the most intimate concert series you’ll ever experience.

Presented by ConvertKit, Creator Sessions is a unique event series showcasing the art and stories behind today’s most beloved musicians, artists, videographers, and photographers—from Mandy Moore to Bear Rinehart, Tenille Arts, Curtis Harding, and many more. 

Hosted by Haley Janicek, each Session brings you closer to your favorite creators, sharing the inspiration behind their work and encouraging you to keep moving forward in your creative journey.

New Creator Sessions are released every month.

Image of Lennon Stella holding a guitar during a Creator Sessions episodeAn image of Haley wearing a hat and looking into the distance.

About our host

Music has always had a way of finding Haley Janicek. Since dreaming up the idea for Creator Sessions in early 2020, Haley has single-handedly written, produced, hosted, and booked talent for dozens of Creator Sessions, amassing millions of views and even sparking ConvertKit’s first acquisition of music marketing platform FanBridge. Her mission with Creator Sessions is to bring the deeper lessons from artists to other creators who need inspiration and encouragement.

Before joining ConvertKit four years ago to head up events and sales, Haley worked with the talented team at Goldenvoice and AEG to provide services to some of the biggest music festivals in the world, from Coachella to Desert Trip, Panorama, and FYF. A Los Angeles native who now calls Boise home, Haley is a proud mom to the next generation of strong independent women in her 3 young daughters.

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