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With Shannon Wild

In this session Shannon shares her stories behind some of the most intimate moments she has experienced on her journey and digs into some of her most recognizable work. 

Shannon is a wildlife cinematographer based in South Africa. She has one of the most niche photography jobs and has traveled the world documenting some of the most elusive animals on our planet.  

As a freelancer she has worked with some of the most recognizable names in the world and her most recent documentary, The Real Black Panther,  was just released on National Geographic Wild. 

She spent 18-months tracking this magnificent animal in some of the roughest and most dangerous terrain all so we could experience this animal from the comfort of our living room. 

Her passion for wildlife and animal conservation is the true north (driving force) for her art and in this very special Creator Session she talks about why it’s so important and shares some of her favorite experiences and stories behind some of her most recognizable work.

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