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Urtext Films is a Brooklyn, NY based film production company made up of Matt Salleh and Rose Tucker. After debuting at the 2017 SXSW Film Festival, their first documentary film Barbeque earned the duo a James Beard Award for Best Documentary and a streaming deal with Netflix. 

That success gave them the confidence to embark on their second documentary, We Don’t Deserve Dogs—a powerful exploration of whether we as humans deserve the love and loyalty our four-legged friends give us. From speaking with shepherds deep in the mountains of Romania to a day of dog worship in Nepal, the intrepid duo criss-crossed the globe, single-handedly directing, producing, shooting, editing, sound engineering and distributing their film.

As independent filmmakers, Matt and Rose are paving a new path to release their films to the world. In this Creator Session they break down finding the perfect story, how they capture and edit their documentaries, and share some of their favorite moments from this heartfelt film.

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