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With Lady Wray

In the early 90’s Missy Elliot showed up at Nicole Wray’s house and asked her to sing on the spot. The result of that interaction - a record deal and a very long, but not always easy, career.

Her first solo album was released in 1998 and her title track - Make It Hot, was gold-certified and peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. It took nearly 20-years for her to release her next solo album, Queen Alone.

When asked why she named her album Queen Alone she said this..

“Queen represents strength. I’ve come through various challenges since I started at 17— different managers and production companies, etc.—but I stayed in the music industry. It’s all about how much you can take. And if it’s your destiny, you’ll fight for it."

She reinvented herself, really leaned into the soulfulness of her voice, pulled from her life experiences, and created an album that is current but has an iconic retro flare to it.

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