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Creator Sessions

With Tiffany Day

Tiffany Day embodies what Creator Sessions is all about. After growing up making music in her Kansas basement, Tiffany landed in LA to attend college and pursue a career in music. She never had a goal of being a “YouTuber,” but has still managed to attract more than one million subscribers to her channel.

Tiffany is still exploring her music and expression in the art she creates. Most importantly, she is learning everything she can to make her art something that represents and sounds like her. Her goal: to inspire listeners to be more confident and embrace the boldness that only music can evoke.

During this Creator Session, Tiffany shares music from her EP, The Recovery Project, and some new music that will drop on her upcoming EP, The Dependency Project. If you’re an aspiring musician or you’re restricted by equipment or education, this Creator Session is the boost of confidence you need!


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