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Creator Sessions

With Sam Tinnesz

For this Creator Sessions Sam Tinnesz joins us from his home studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Sam emits such a bright light and you can feel his presence throughout the session - even as you sit on the other side of a screen. 

Sam is one of the artists who really fuel the creative economy which is why we wanted him to join us so badly on Creator Sessions. You might be familiar with Sam’s voice from all the work he has done in TV and film but in the last few years he really stepped into the light and it has paid off. 

In less than two years his Spotify numbers grew from one million monthly listeners to over 2.9 million. And if you aren’t familiar with him yet, you will be a fan by the end of the session and you will understand why his music is captivating people. 

Also, something to celebrate… Sam’s song “Play with Fire” which features Yacht Money just reached 100,000,000 streams on Spotify.

Watch Sam perform “Fire” and more from his latest album White Doves and War Planes.

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