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Creator Sessions

With Joy Oladokun

We're excited to invite the talented Joy Oladokun to Creator Sessions. Joy is a Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and producer who is known for writing emotional and thought-provoking tracks. She explains, “I write a lot of sad songs, but I always push for a sliver of a silver lining or glimmer of hope it could be better...I want you to be changed when you hear me, and not because I’m special, but because I make music with the intention to change myself.”

Not only has Joy’s music been featured in shows like This is Us and Grey’s Anatomy, but Billboard listed Joy’s album, In Defense of My Own Happiness (The Beginnings) in their Top 10 Best LGBTQ Albums of 2020. Amongst a growing collection of accolades, Joy has been recognized in YouTube’s Black Voices Classes of 2021 while Vogue has named her the #1 LGBTQ+ musician to listen to. 

In this session, Joy discusses the power of creative expression, the importance of creating a mission statement for your art, and embracing imperfections. This episode might be one of the best examples of what we want this series to be -- an honest conversation packed with inspiration to fuel your creative journey. 

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