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We couldn’t be more excited to have one of our favorite artists, JOHNNYSWIM, on our final Creator Session of the year. If you are unfamiliar with JOHNNYSWIM they are made up of the incredibly talented husband and wife couple, Abner and Amanda Ramirez. 

A lot of people know JOHNNYSWIM as Chip and JoAnna Gain’s favorite musical couple. Their song “Home” was the theme song of Fixer Upper and they have a show coming out on Magnolia network that is sure to be a major hit due to their wildly infectious personality and down to earth appeal. 

But the reason why people really love Abner and Amanda isn’t because they are celebrated by Chip and Joanna Gains...it’s because they are real, relatable, and sing what the human spirit feels. 

They just released a new Christmas EP and sing one of their newest Christmas songs, “Pass Me a Pint”, in its earliest stages. 

This Creator Session is filled with great music but perhaps more importantly, advice that fuels inspiration. We couldn’t have planned a better episode to bring us into the new year! 

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