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Creator Sessions

With Chef Daniella Malfitano

Creator Sessions gives creators space to share their creative process, wisdom, and behind-the-scenes stories with the creator community. We couldn’t be more excited to highlight creator and chef Daniella Malfitano.

Daniella is a plant-based chef who is passionate about using food to serve her community. She has written several cookbooks and hosted her own PBS show, "Delicious Discoveries with Daniella Malfitano,” just to name a couple of her incredible accomplishments. She explains, “I think that sometimes food or chefs can be removed from the artists/creator space, but truly I think that that couldn’t be more wrong. Food is an art unlike any other art.” 

In this episode of Creator Sessions, Daniella demonstrates how making food is the ultimate art form. Plus, she shares wisdom on creating authentically, how to face failure, finding motivation when you no longer feel inspired, and more!

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